FULL FLOOD by Parcy Marks


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Popular problem novel, well handled, and keyed to the tastes of his sure following. A famous, well-meaning surgeon, Kingman, takes over the physical problems of a hunch back, and ignoring the psychological -- comes closer to killing than curing. Terry Price loses the adjustment to his deformity that he had acquired; he gives up his ideas of leading a normal life; he breaks with his fiancee. Then comes the chance to use his exceptional knowledge of Japanese, against doctor's orders, and -- in spite of an acute case of overwork -- he regains his security, goes ahead physically, and makes up with Nan. Again Kingman interferes, but this time Terry's grandmother stands between them and finally makes him realize that the spiritual factors are as important as the physical. A contemporary feel is given by Terry's having a chance to do his part for the Intelligence Service. Setting -- California. Reads smoothly. Better rentals than sales.

Pub Date: Aug. 18th, 1942
Publisher: Reynal & Hitchcock