THE FLY IN THE MARTINI by Parke Cummings


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This is a collection of over seventy humorous pieces which have appeared in such magazines as The M Saturday Evening Pest, The New Yorker, Esquire and Look Their common ground is, for the most part, the peculiarities of suburbia (Cummings is a native of Westport, Connecticut) and their attitude is the slightly put-upon posture of the husband and father fighting a losing battle with the filigree of life. He has a routine for dealing with wrong number callers, coping with in-laws, watching a football game, antagonizing guests who leave things behind, and rewriting television commercials. He complains that his neighbors' weather is always more dramatic than his, that his wife scores higher on magazine marital quizzes than he does, and that he is never able to describe people to her satisfaction. For a collection of its kind the humor quotient is unusually high though it is, of course, best administered in small doses.

Publisher: Hill and Wang