A TRUCE WITH TIME by Parke Godwin


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Godwin, whose previous outings have ranged from historical-fantasy (The Last Rainbow, Beloved Exile) to science fiction (Wintermind, with Marvin Kaye) weighs in--with an almost audible thump--with this 1970's love story set in New York. Fifty-ish divorced writer Pat Landry, fearing that he's burned out, struggles to finish his latest novel, an Arthurian romance; he meets Lauren Hodge, self-confident maker of arty videos. The ensuing romance is companionably middle-aged and suitably bumpy but a long way short of compelling--and isn't helped by the frequent appearance of Pat's family's ghosts: his father, actor turned writer Jack; his mother, angry, alcoholic Connie; frustrated sister Julie; and war pilot brother Arthur. Meanwhile, Pat hustles a deal to turn out schlocky bodice-rippers for megabucks, but then can't bring himself to accept it. Lauren's mother dies, an event that prompts Lauren's reconciliation with her estranged daughter. Pat's surviving brother, one-time junkie and petty criminal Denny, shows up--having written, to Pat's delight, a very promising short story. The ghosts come and go, yakking endlessly; at long last, having discussed all their problems and Pat's shortcomings, they agree to go and haunt some other deserving members of the Landry clan. The Pat. Lauren romance proceeds by fits and starts, as before. Mediocre. Mainstream romance readers will do better elsewhere; Godwin's fantasy-sf fans face only disappointment.

Pub Date: June 1st, 1987
Publisher: Bantam