DIAMOND JIM by Parker Morell
Kirkus Star


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Headed for best seller lists -- Horatio Alger come-true-story of the man who started life as the son of a barkeeper, and who became one of the world's most sensational capitalists. (Though the ivory pure morals of the Alger yarns are lacking). Corking good reading, with almost unbelievable stories of Brady's fantastic display of wealth, in his jewels, his town and country houses, his parties, his gormandizing. Vulgar and pretentious, but lovable and generous to a fault, and, strangely enough, a teetotaller. His women, his men friends in the worlds of sport, theatre, business and politics, all were richer for knowing him. Sound material about the business aspects of his life, his growing power as the now type of supersalesman. A lively tale of the Gay Nineties and the early 1900's, colored with his extravagances, and tuned to the masculine interest primarily, with a sop to the female audience in the story of the loss of his beloved Edna to his best friend, told in the best romantic tradition. Fully illustrated.

Pub Date: Oct. 18th, 1934
ISBN: 1417988215
Publisher: Simon & Schuster