THE POP ROOSTER by Pascale Allamand


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This story of a rooster who runs away because the hens laugh at his out of tune ""cock-a-doodle-doo"" is one of those absolutely simple, matter-of-fact wish fulfillments more common in Europe than here. The rooster soon becomes a pop success, singing with his partner, a shoeshine boy, on TV (back home, people saw him on their sets and ""left the windows open so the chickens could watch as well""), and later returning to his village where his wake-up songs are now appreciated. Allamand's naive paintings, which look just like what a talented older child might do, certainly fit the disarmingly unsophisticated story, and the dark, heavy colors, though unexpected, give it a satisfying reality.

Pub Date: Nov. 26th, 1975
Publisher: Scribners