FINN MAC COOL And the Small Men of Deeds by Pat--Adapt. O'Shea
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FINN MAC COOL And the Small Men of Deeds

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A deft, merry retelling of one of the high deeds of the legendary Irish hero, by the author of last year's acclaimed Hounds of the Morrigan. A scene with a loving old servant, Gariv, tactfully trying to get Finn (who has a headache) out of his tent sets the comic tone of this lilting tale. Finn finally gets up when a giant arrives seeking aid: his king has mysteriously lost two newborn sons, and fears losing his third. Joined by eight tiny men with various talents (an honest thief; acute hearing, feeling, knowing, etc.), Finn arrives in the giant's kingdom in time to witness the theft of the third son by the king's sister, a witch, and by using the talent of all eight small men is able to restore the three babies to their grateful parents. Hearing Finn's story, Gariv observes, ""The small men did a lot--what did you do?"" To which Finn rejoins, ""I gave the orders."" In a generous, square format with carefully drawn, humorous black-and-white illustrations and ornaments embellishing almost every page, this is a handsome book. Some of the more sophisticated wit may escape younger children, but the action should keep them reading. Best of all, this would be perfect for sharing aloud.

Pub Date: Oct. 15th, 1987
Page count: 88pp
Publisher: Holiday House