MARRY ME by Pat Booth


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Less steam and sizzle than Booth aficionados (All For Love, 1993, etc.) have become accustomed to in this relatively tame tale of a man who loves three women--and of the women who bond over him. The gears start spinning at the Hacienda Inn and Spa in Santa Fe, where three very different women have come to escape the various stresses of their everyday lives. Carol McCabe has left her cheating husband Jack and is determined finally to become the artist she has always felt she could be. Beautiful Tessa Andersen has just been widowed by what appeared to be her wealthy (but actually secretly bankrupt) husband's suicide and must care for eight-year-old daughter Camille. Rachel Richardson, devastatingly successful television personality, is tired of life in the fast lane alone: Her marriage proposal from media mogul Matt Harding leaves her cold, but she is on the verge of succumbing if only to acquire the children and family she so desperately craves. When the three women meet at dinner, something clicks and continues to do so even when the idyllic five-day retreat comes to an end. Back in Manhattan, where Tessa begins working for the first time in her life (as a real-estate agent at Sotheby's), and Rachel's career is back in first gear, one man captures the hearts of all three, including Carol, whose children are in college and who has stayed in New Mexico to follow her dreams. Charles Ford is no ordinary man; he's an artist with convictions, money, and brawn--but only one of these three best friends can have him. Rest assured, though: No one ends up alone. The pages practically flip themselves, but this is strictly for fans only--unless you're in the mood for the print version of what could be a three-part Aaron Spelling mini-series starring Heather Locklear as career-woman Rachel.

Pub Date: April 10th, 1996
Page count: 352pp
Publisher: "Little, Brown"