BEST FRIEND by Pat Feeley


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There was Willard, the helpful rat. . . and Woody Allen once told how he ordered his pet ant to Kill Kill Kill. . . and now here's another Friend, in a mean little item meant to feed the mighty dog fantasies of bored housewives. Fifty-three-year-old Isabelle is one such homemaker, languishing in the suburbs with tiresome husband Peter, who philanders on business trips and gets up quite a steam about winning in tennis. Someone (something?) understands, however--dear cuddly Belgian shepherd puppy Beau--and it's deep, deep empathy at first sight. The two chums, Isabelle chattering away and Beau listening carefully, climb the heights of the dog show circuit; Beau performs for Companion Dog prizes with uncanny know-how. Peter, however, is uneasy, even before his very own chair is mysteriously ripped apart. It's that expression on Beau's face, just like that of ""a man who was after his job."" And Peter notices other things--but alas too late. ""Beau's my best friend,"" says Isabelle months after the funeral. ""He'd do anything for me. Anything at all, I think."" There's lots of dog show business for the fancy, and it's all simple-minded fun, not really scary unless your marriage is dull and your dog is very very bright--and taking sides.

Pub Date: Aug. 1st, 1977
Publisher: Dutton