ONE-EYED JAKE by Pat Hutchins


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Greedy pirate One-Eyed Jake, the terror of the high seas, goes on piling up treasures even though the hold becomes so full and the loot so heavy that his ship threatens to sink beneath him. Jake's small crew of cook, bosum, and cabin boy would rather be elsewhere; and the pirate in his greed helps them attain theft wishes--by tossing them all onto ships he's just robbed to lighten his ship for his new acquisitions. But clever cabin boy Jim, the last to go, tosses Jake the key to the cabin--and ""the hold was so full, and the loot so heavy, that before anyone could say, 'Ha-ha! Ho-ho! Hee-hee! Your ship will sink with the weight of the key!'--it had,"" Illustrated in brilliant color with splash and panache, a most stylish and satisfying distribution of just desserts.

Pub Date: Oct. 16th, 1980
Publisher: Green willow