SENIOR PROM by Pat Hutchins


How Survivors of Long Marriages Can Successfully Find New Partners
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Advice for newly single seniors from someone who’s been there.

In this catch-all self-help book, Hutchins addresses about every conceivable situation or fear a survivor of a long relationship might encounter upon finding him- or herself alone in the world for the first time in decades. With her friendly, encouraging style, the author doles out pointers, resources and the necessary kick-in-the-pants from time to time, to help readers claim the potential happiness awaiting them in the next phase of life. Seniors can find numerous opportunities for meeting new, compatible people, as well as achieving self-fulfillment and financial security, she argues, by tapping into their talents and interests, latent or not. The author guides newly single seniors past the pitfalls of dating again after so many years out of the game, such as indulging in bad habits picked up during a long relationship and talking incessantly about one’s ex. She offers no-nonsense advice on taking an honest look in the mirror and fixing what needs fixing–money problems, alcohol or substance abuse, etc.–and surmounting other challenges–impotence, dating after a mastectomy, etc.–with a little creativity and a healthy outlook. Hutchins also tackles the thorny issues seniors may face once they’ve found someone and are starting a new, serious relationship–ranging from whether or not to co-habit and/or marry again to how to deal with resentful adult children–and offers suggestions on how to resolve them. The author illustrates her wide-ranging wisdom throughout with both real and fictional stories about the subjects she addresses. Hutchins’s work is a collection of conversations with a highly knowledgeable, sensitive, insightful friend. Her suggestions are widely applicable, for both men and women, while also being highly practical and specific. Some readers may enjoy the loosely organized, casual style of the book, but others may wish for a little more cohesion between chapters.

All in all, good advice for making the most of the rest of one’s life.

Pub Date: Sept. 17th, 2007
ISBN: 978-0-595-43825-9
Page count: 240pp
Program: Kirkus Indie
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