SINK 'EM ALL: Submarine Warfare in the Pacific by

SINK 'EM ALL: Submarine Warfare in the Pacific

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The wartime Commander Submarines SW Pacific, now retired, matches his story with Battle Submerged (see report P. 40) in telling of that part of the war fought under his command, by submarines based in Australia and Pearl Harbor. It is the story of the most dramatic part of underwater warfare,- the rescue of the refugees and survivors from Bataan, the supplying of guerrillas, the harassment of Imperial Japanese shipping lanes and the mining of Japanese waters, the reconnaissance preceding the island-jumping invasions in the Gilberts and other island groups. It is, too, the story of frustrations and delay in dealing with Ordnance over dud torpedoes, wrong type of cameras for periscope photography, etc. A close-up picture of submarine warfare. For armchair strategists.

Publisher: Dutton