DEVIN AND CO by Patri Gtrauss


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This is an important book for those who would understand the political scene in England today, and the trend of the future. This is an analysis of the part the Labour Party is playing in wartime England and a clear picture of the men and women in the chairs of leadership, and of the ways in which political parties have merged their differences for the greater good. Outstanding leaders these, from all walks of life; most of Churchill's strongest aids are Labour leaders. An inspiring story of effective cooperation, sympathetically recounted by the wife of one of the man. Discounting natural bias, it is still an objective, well-balanced picture, and should help chart the way we must go to bring labor and capital together. Not actually a history of the Labour Party or of the movement, but with enough factual background to give one better understanding of the differences between England's set-up and our own, in unions and out, in government and industry and out. Easy reading.

Publisher: Putnam