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by Patrice Lyle

Age Range: 14 - 18

Pub Date: June 1st, 2012
ISBN: 978-1-61603-013-1
Publisher: Leap Books

A pact with the Devil leads to trouble for one teenage demon.

A teenager’s life is full of trials: staying on top of the latest fashions and avoiding nasty skin breakouts, not to mention dealing with curfews and parental rules on dating. If that’s not tough enough, when you’re the scholarship demon at Pitchfork Prep and the Devil informs you that you’re his latest secret weapon, pressure reaches new heights. Morgan Skully is madly infatuated with Derek, who is everything she isn’t: affluent, popular, well-connected, and such a hottie she can’t focus. But she’d better get her act together and find out who’s leaking secrets to the Siberian Werewolf Council, or there will be hell to pay…literally. Even though the Devil is willing to rescue her from one crisis after another, and her BFFs, the Demon Divas, are always there to support her, it’s time for Morgan to step up and grow up if she’s ever going to survive to attend the Brimstone Ball. In a breezy, sassy and snappy first-person narration, Morgan moves from one implausible scenario to the next. The plot is superficial, but Morgan is so appealing that readers can’t stop turning pages to find out what she’ll do next.

Like cotton candy, this is fun even if it isn’t filling. (Paranormal chick lit. 14 & up)