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CONNECTED by Patricia Bathory


Building Relationships to Achieve Success and Make a Lasting Impact

by Patricia Bathory

Pub Date: April 16th, 2024
ISBN: 9798891380417
Publisher: Amplify Publishing

Psychotherapist Bathory presents a guide to success with a focus on community building as a vehicle for self-improvement.

The stated objective of the book is to help the reader to identify their life’s purpose and build relationships that help them achieve their goals. Each chapter explores the various aspects of this task and provides applicable strategies for building a healthy community. Specifically, the book explores topics such as communication tactics, goal setting, attachment styles, and self-assessment; at one point, for instance, the author asks, “Did you play the unofficial role of mediator or peacekeeper in your family? If so, your purpose might be to play this role in your community.” It incorporates anecdotes and testimonials from the author’s clients, executives such as Ronaldo Pereira of Brazilian toy sales company Ri Happy, as well as studies and other self-help books. Exercises aim to aid readers in reframing their mindset or managing their expectations with affirmations, questionnaires, and suggestions for cultivating one’s curiosity. Generally, the process involves identifying a goal, exploring how relationships could contribute to that goal, and employing six standards by which to evaluate those relationships, including “Authenticity,” “Positive Influence,” and “Care and Compassion.” Following this, there are tips for navigating relationships with people who may not share the same values or worldview. The last chapter reviews approaches to a variety of relationships, whether they’re with parents, children, coworkers, friends, one’s spouse, or even oneself. Bathory’s work is easy to digest and well-organized. The pacing is quick, breaking down each concept into smaller pieces to ease comprehension and offering chapter summaries. Overall, the book is refreshingly conversational in style, rather than academic, while also acknowledging that each person’s situation may contain unresolved issues: “I’m not suggesting you sweep those things under the rug….I’m recommending that you process these events to start your healing.” Those seeking to take new action in their life may find many helpful tactics and insights to do so here.

A succinct approach to better living through better relationships.