SILVER FRUIT by Patricia Campbell


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The Puget Sound background and some of the characters met in By Sun and Candlelight Link Silver Fruit with the earlier book. But the time is now the period immediately before World War I- and the people are of the younger generation, though the ""sins of the fathers are visited upon the children unto the third and fourth generation"". Once again history eems destined to repeat itself, as Lou -- a small child at the start, when her father's death throws responsibility for the farm on her much older brother Therry -- learns as the ears pass the price paid for the strain of Indian blood in her mother's family. Hints of he past creep out, but Lou only knows the whole story when the friend of her heart, Dee Cummings, granddaughter of the owner of the lumber mills, falls in love with Lou's cousin- and he with her- and once again young hearts are broken by the false pride of their elders. It takes a war and the violence of death to bring it all to light- and to see in the future gleam of happiness. The characters and their emotional problems are more fully realized than in the earlier book; and the regional flavor lends a certain distinction.

Pub Date: June 16th, 1959
Publisher: Macmillan