MAU: King of the Cats by

MAU: King of the Cats

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The Pharaoh's grain is being chawed up by mice faster than he can get it to his hungry people. Mau can't figure out how to catch enough fish for his hungry cat kingdom. He refuses to consider offering catly services to the Pharaoh because he has observed that people chain animals and this cat wants fish and freedom. Pharaoh strikes the expected bargain and it's fish, mice and freedom for Mau's faction and grain for the people. This compromise is supposed to have allowed the Egyptians to go on to build pyramids and become leaders in arithmetic and drawing. Speaking of drawing, Mau looks like Krazy Kat, the mice look like the carved Danish variety and the Egyptians look like -- but why go on? Mau and the Pharaoh may need each other, but the question here is -- who needs them? The pitch for freedom doesn't save this weak brand new/old legend.

Pub Date: March 18th, 1963
Publisher: Putnam