THE CHILD IN CRISIS by Patricia & Dave Behrens Doyle


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An assemblage of case histories about children and teen-agers afflicted with serious psychological problems, what caused them, how the victims were helped, and what the parents could have done to head off the trouble. The crises discussed range from school problems to suicide attempts. These have been triggered variously by a move, a divorce, a mother's reentry into the workplace, a death in the family, or simply parental overexpectations. In most cases, the parents were too busy, too involved in their own problems, or too rigid in their thinking to recognize the early-warning signs of a child's emotional distress. Then there's a crisis: failing grades, drug abuse, anorexia, a series of physical illnesses or accidents, inappropriate sexual activity, a suicide attempt. The parents seek help from a counselor who advises that they mend their ways and en-courage the child to discuss the problem and the events that brought it on. If the parents are able to get the child talking and if they change their own attitudes and actions, the problem is sometimes solved. Frequently, extensive therapy for both child and family is required. In the case histories here, almost all the children gradually gain self-esteem and insight into their problems. There is nothing new here, but the case histories are presented vividly, the advice is solid, the tone is sympathetic to parents and children. It could help many a family through a serious crisis.

Pub Date: Sept. 1st, 1986
Publisher: McGraw-Hill