MADE IN MEXICO by Patricia Fent Ross
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Prefaced with an introduction that stresses the importance of knowing a country by what it makes because that is what it wants, this is an admirable survey of Mexico's fine and popular arts- a survey blessed with the clear expression of well digested information and savoured experiences. The main text is divided into three sections; fine arts, popular arts, and sciences. In an appendix are a brief treatise on the old gods and a chronological table of events from 6000 B.C. Coming from an honest, respectful curiosity, a love of the country, and a deep appreciation for the skill and love of beauty that abound in Mexico, Miss Ross's chapters on architecture, literature, weaving, dancing, cooking, Aztec astronomy and the rest, are gems of lucid condensation. Each takes its subject through the history of the country, from its possible beginnings in Indian culture through Spanish influence and on up to the present day. Each show the author's own skill of narration, analysis and careful criticism.

Pub Date: April 21st, 1952
Publisher: Knopf