THE DRAGON PROPHECY by Patricia Goehner Baehr


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He certainly is not someone your sister should be with,"" says Professor Reiss (to his new friend Ellie) of the cloaked stranger with green fingernails who has just swept into the Professor's house, helped himself to handfuls of sugar, then made off with the Professor's precious Chinese dragon bowl. But it seems that the hooded man has cast some sort of spell over Ellie's sister Vivian, and when Ellie and the Professor give chase, they find themselves trapped on a floating mountain island. It is the Professor's carved cane, Nicolaus Oak, who explains with a new-found voice that they must be floating in air. Then a Phoenix they meet on the island tells them of the ancient Chinese treasure that is also on board. And a unicorn informs them that Vivian's hooded captor is a dragon in disguise. Anyway they all get off the island safely, except for poor old Nicolaus who sacrifices himself to save the humans. Foolish fantasy of the most mindless and un-proficient sort.

Pub Date: Sept. 1st, 1980
Publisher: Warne