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MAKING THE ROUNDS by Patricia Grayhall Kirkus Star


Defying Norms in Love and Medicine

by Patricia Grayhall

Pub Date: Oct. 11th, 2022
ISBN: 978-1-64742-273-8
Publisher: She Writes Press

A young woman steadfastly challenges sexism, prejudice, and societal norms in this memoir.

Grayhall’s pseudonymous debut takes on crucial topics by detailing the author’s experiences in love and medicine. Immediately, the reader steps into the shoes of an isolated young woman who imagined herself as the “only lesbian in Arizona” in 1965. The author describes discovering her attraction to women and the ugly stereotypes that bigots attached to being gay. However, the author’s strong spirit shines through in moments of empowering self-discovery, her passion for education, and her confidence in the possibility of finding love. As Part I concludes, Grayhall tells of heading to medical school at the University of Utah. Part II follows Grayhall as one of five female students in a class of 100, showing the stark realities of being a woman in a world dominated by men. Grayhall’s love of science propelled her forward, and she excelled in school as she continued her search for love. It’s heartening to read about her pursuing relationships after her earlier loneliness and confusion, but life for Grayhall pivoted once again when she accepted an internship at Boston University Hospitals. In the grueling Part III, she recalls working 36-hour shifts in hostile environments where she was treated as inferior to her male peers; at home, she struggled to maintain relationships with women. The author writes with a sense of blunt reality and warm humanity, revealing how a doctor’s life can be exhausting and despairing. After beginning a residency at the Harvard School of Public Health, however, Grayhall’s life improved, and from this moment—including Part IV, aptly titled “The Reckoning”—the memoir centers primarily around love and loss instead of the demanding work of a doctor. The struggles, deeply felt emotions, and coming-of-age triumphs make this memoir touching and personal, and it will stir reflection in those who read it.

An honest, heart-rending memoir about finding oneself.