THE WOMAN DOCTOR by Patricia H. Beshiri


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Now you are 'Doctor Smith,' With a new M.D. . . . "" That sets the tone for some well-intentioned recruiting of ""mother medics"" since the assumption throughout is that there will be a combination commitment. The author has had some official guidance and has spent three years of researching and touring although she comes up with few specifics (cf. her discussion of of pre-college preparation). Among them that only 7% of women in a 40% labor force become doctors. She acknowledges the prejudice against women and the lack of medical facilities over which ""the AMA is very much concerned"" (without allocating their guilt in the matter); itemizes the specialties best suited for women doctors (pediatrics leads; surgery is discouraged); discusses a few of the revised programs in various installations encouraging this career choice; is sketchy on admission requirements and financial aids; and primarily directs this at a young adult audience. They have been taken care of elsewhere, if not exclusively on the basis of their sex.

Pub Date: July 10th, 1969
Publisher: Cowles