THE RIGHT DOSE by Patricia Hausman


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A comprehensive guide to vitamin and mineral use--and abuse. Each vitamin, from A to Zinc is dealt with and the author's conclusions illustrated by case histories of overdoses and their effects. The various effects of OD'ing on vitamins are graded on a five-point system, from most innocuous to most dangerous. First, there are lesser side effects, such as drowsiness. Second come acute ailments. Developing quickly, such overdoses can become serious. Third, long-term problems can develop from prolonged usage of a supplement. Fourth, conflicting combinations of vitamins may cause drug-nutrient or nutrient-nutrient interactions. Fifth are the hidden consequences of vitamin overdoses, which can mask other medical conditions, and lead to false laboratory readings. Hausman provides also a star system for particular foods high in certain vitamins or minerals. For example, certain cereals, high in thiamine and niacin, are given 13 points; beef liver accumulates 14 points for its high variety of vitamins. There are many charts and tables here for the technically minded, as well as some recipes. A good guide for the layman.

Pub Date: March 16th, 1987
Publisher: Rodale