8 A.M. SHADOWS by Patricia Hubbell


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With her first collection, The Apple Vendor's Fair (1963, p. 558, J-190), Miss Hubbell was assured a place among those creative few who can write real poetry for children; her images are fresh; she does not waver around with a series of assumed child voices or poses; and, last, but not least, she moves from strict rhyme and meter to free verse with ease. Although one four line poem, ""Cats and Kittens,"" recalls all the weaknesses of Sweet as a Pickle, Clean as a Pig (1964, p. 809, J-253), the rest of this collection has real strength, especially in the verses dealing with snakes and in the exceptionally fine, ""The Moon-Mender.

Pub Date: Sept. 7th, 1965
Publisher: Atheneum