THE SILVER BRANCH by Patricia Kennealy


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Another of Kennealy's Keltiad yarns, prequel to The Copper Crown (1984) and The Throne of Scone (1986) where, in the distant future, Celt-derived warrior-scholar princes and princesses zoom around the galaxy, zapping their enemies with spells and laser beams--only when diplomacy fails, of course. Here, Kennealy tells the story of the stunning red-haired High Queen Aeron Aiobhell. Her advent is foretold by the dying High Queen Aoife. But before Aeron can be born, her future father Fionnbar must face down the Fomor--enemies of Keltia since the days of Atlantis--over possession of the Lykken system, vital source of the ""blue halogen gas"" that makes spaceships go; he also falls for alluring Fomor princess Basilea and fights a duel over her (which he loses through treachery). Finally, however, Aeron's mother Emer comes along and at last Aeron is born. She grows up beautiful, sensitive, talented, willful, intelligent, etc., and later proves to possess powerful magic powers, in which she is schooled by the warrior Fianna. In other events--""adventures"" is too emphatic a word--Aeron will experience battle, more treachery, trips through ""subspace, that mysterious stratum traversed only by radio waves,"" a meeting with the Goddess, and ponder an alliance with Earth against the inimical Cabiri Imperium. Another horrible blend of silly-science and warmed-over Celtic lore, literally interpreted: How She All Began, for those who absolutely, unavoidably have to know.

Pub Date: Dec. 19th, 1988
Publisher: New American Library