THE HEDGE OF MIST: Vol. III of The Tales of Arthur by Patricia Kennealy-Morrison

THE HEDGE OF MIST: Vol. III of The Tales of Arthur

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A fleet of spaceships, led by St. Brendan the Astrogator, left Earth in the fifth century and founded the space empire of Keltia: such is the premise of Kennealy-Morrison's series of yarns retelling Irish and British myths and legends unencumbered by traditional or historical backdrops--except where the author considers them expedient. This one, the third of a trilogy (The Oak Above the Kings, 1994, etc.) recounted by the bard, Taliesin, completes the career of space-Arthur and his star-crossed associates. If Druids-and-spaceships strikes you as an apt modern take on a genre heavily encrusted with romantic verdigris--and you can tolerate ghastly pseudoscience, ludicrous plotting, and pompous, inflated prose--you'll probably have fun. Others will reflect that if Arthur can survive this misapplied treatment, he can survive anything.

Pub Date: March 1st, 1996
Page count: 512pp
Publisher: HarperPrism