BATS: Wings in the Night by Patricia Lauber

BATS: Wings in the Night

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Bats enough to drive you. . . in a book that packs a lot of information into a brief, simple text, that describes anatomy and habits (especially echolation) but features the varieties of bats around the world (between 800 and 900 kinds, and everywhere but Antarctica). From the flying fox of the Old World (also various) to the vampires of Central and South America to the cannibals of Asia and Australia, they are slowly being understood, and even now much remains in question--which is one of the attractions of this treatment, that it explains (and sometimes illustrates) who has found out what and how. Another is the photographs showing every kind close up and/or in action. Much better than Kohn (The Bat Book, 1967) in this respect, more extensive than Ripper, it complements Brauner's involving Silent Visitor and, on its own, both piques and satisfies curiosity.

Pub Date: Sept. 30th, 1968
Publisher: Random House