VOYAGERS FROM SPACE: Meteors and Meteorites by Patricia Lauber

VOYAGERS FROM SPACE: Meteors and Meteorites

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A fascinating up-to-date look at meteors, asteroids, comets, meteorites, and the part they may have played and continue to play in creating our solar system, as well as in shaping other planets and moons. Though technical at times, the author's lucid style and the many drawings and photos help to make this complex topic accessible. Was the moon formed from the earth when an object the size of Mars struck our planet a glancing blow and molten materials sprayed out to form particles that then collided to form the moon? Did dinosaurs become extinct due to a strong bombardment of the planet by meteorites? Is there a Planet X that causes regular disturbances of comet orbits? A fine addition to the science section. Brief list for further reading; index.

Page count: 74pp
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