TONGA: A Tale of the Friendly Islands by Patricia Lodyard

TONGA: A Tale of the Friendly Islands

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A consciously feminine approach to life in the South Seas is relayed by a young woman who went to Tonga as a mission college teacher -- and stayed to marry a Scotch doctor, and to continue her own work. Her romance with Tonga embraces the natives as they made friends and shared the ceremonial parties, as they listen to the tales of the villagers and take part in their life. When she had ""the good sickness"" (pregnancy), the whole community rejoiced, and when the baby came he was named for the author's ""pele"" (her special friend), a fellow teacher. He received a ceremonial visit from ""the aunts"" who thanked the doctor's wife for giving them a nice baby. There are encounters with royalty, including the stately and beloved queen; there are ship journeys between islands; there is the custom and flavor of Tongan life, with its warmth and inclusiveness. Appealing for an unsophisticated audience, though for the initiate a bit overly artless.

Pub Date: Jan. 20th, 1955
Publisher: Appleton-Century-Crofts