FIDDLER'S QUEST by Patricia Lynch
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This is a charming Irish story of a little girl, Ethne, one of the ""fiddling Cadogans"" in search of her grandfather on the Island of Inishcoppal. Her father, off find his fortune in America, puts her on a boat bound for Dublin where her grandfather is to find her. But he is a long time coming and in the meantime she becomes a well loved member of the afferty family, plays a small part in the rebel uprising, finds that she can even earn money with her precious violin, and at last, on the road to the little farm which is to be the Rafferty's new home, finds her grandfather, ""King Cadegen"", the grandest fiddler of them all. The story is extremely Irish, warm with friendliness and full of the atmosphere of the Dublin quays. The characters are very appealing, and while the story sometimes moves a bit slowly, children who like family stories or who have enjoyed ""The Turfoutter's Donkey"" and the other Patricia Lynch books -- though this none of the fairy tale element of the others -- will doubtless enjoy this.

Pub Date: June 25th, 1943
Publisher: Dutton