THE SICK DAY by Patricia MacLachlan


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I have a stomach ache in my head."" Emily's opening words could be any child's cute saying, but even at that level MacLachlan overdoes it by following up with "". . . and a headache in my throat."" What's more, Emily's speech from then on is a cloying cascade of cute sayings: ""My toe. . . hurts on and off. The ons are long""; ""My stomach feels bad. I think I have to swallow up""; ""Do you think I'm going to die, float up to heaven, and fly around with fedders all over me?"" Emily's father is foolishly indulgent toward her icky talk and sickbed demands; so far, the result of his upbringing is a child who sleeps with money under her pillow because ""it makes me dream about fur coats and plastic jewelry."" Though du Bois cooperates by making it look soft and pretty, Emily is a child only a doting parent could love.

Pub Date: April 1st, 1979
Publisher: Pantheon