NEW CHOICES: The Latest Options in Treating Breast Cancer by

NEW CHOICES: The Latest Options in Treating Breast Cancer

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A creditable but unremarkable review of today's breast cancer treatment. Psychiatrist Rubinstein and plastic surgeon Cirillo (authors of The Complete Book of Cosmetic Facial Surgery) are up-to-date and readily understandable, covering basic information on the disease, who is at risk, and the survival rate with each type of treatment. They explain what to expect after finding a lump--diagnostic procedures, second opinions (there is time to plan carefully)--and then what each treatment entails: surgery may now mean just a lumpectomy, with radiation and sometimes chemotherapy to follow. (In more advanced cases mastectomies are certainly Still the rule.) Finally, they look extensively, and with a plastic surgeon's eye, at reconstruction after mastectomy, a procedure that is slowly gaining favor. This is all moderate, measured, and sympathetic: ""Many women report that the time they learned their diagnoses was the most difficult. Here is where you need the support and help of your family, and here too is where you need the facts of your care explained in a clear and honest way by your physician."" Moreover, the medical information is current. Some readers, however, may prefer Larry and Valere Althouse's more consumer-oriented You Can Save Your Breast (1982).

Pub Date: June 1st, 1985
Publisher: Dodd, Mead