LITTLE TWO AND THE PEACH TREE by Patricia Miles Martin


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The ability to read is generally taken for granted by all those who can. It is still a miracle to those who can't -- the youngest who usually can't wait to learn and those who are just being initiated. Little Two is an easy story to tell and will hold appeal for this audience because the quiet and gentle story emphasizes among other things the specialness and the importance of knowing how to read. Peach Blossom is the second child in the Chinese House of Ling. She is very shy and seldom speaks but can paint beautifully on silk. This skill saves the farm when a message about a locked water gate cannot be read by her father's neighbor or his servants. Her picture of two pech trees, one deprived of water, carries the idea to the man who cannot read and will not listen and he unlocks the gate that brings the water to Ling's land. Once again the illustrator whose work was outstanding in Aunt America (1963, p. 109, J-43) has captured a people and a place in the style and mood of the story.

Pub Date: Aug. 23rd, 1963
Publisher: Atheneum