I LOVE A ROOSEVELT by Patricia Peabody Roosevelt


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Rooseveltophobiacs still abound and this is their book. If it has any moral for a general readership it is: Always, to your brother's Number 5 Wife, BE NIZE. Elliott Roosevelt's brothers and sister were cool toward Patty and tended to burst into discussion of Faye Emerson, one of Elliott's best-known ex-'s, whenever Patty appeared. They also failed to realize that her Peabodys of Seattle are just as well-connected as any old Roosevelts. To prove it, there is too tastelessly much here about how Patty has done nearly everything through well-heeled, highly-placed instant buddies ever since her first marriage fell apart. Mrs. FDR was polite but distant until Elliott and Patty lost their preemie baby but she never showed much interest in Patty's four childrens, whom Elliott adopted and gave the Roosevelt name. His siblings threw Elliott's rosary beads out of their mother's casket and kept him from holding a death watch over her body before the funeral. FDR's money and memento rich tribe have unattractively handled their legacy distributions--not that Patty bothers about that sort of thing, but a girl can't help noticing and this girl has the noticing eye of an auctioneer/appraiser. Patty believes Seeress Jeanne Dixon's prophecy that our national future holds a Roosevelt and that he's hers, the current Mayor of Miami. If so, it will be in spite of this naively self-damaging book. Expect review coverage--in parody.

Pub Date: July 14th, 1967
Publisher: Doubleday