MAKING LOVE: How to Be Your Own Sex Therapist by Patricia Raley

MAKING LOVE: How to Be Your Own Sex Therapist

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Fill in the blank: The vas deferens connects the _____ to the _____. Make a list of the fantasies and other stimuli that arouse you. Analyze your most recent orgasm. Do you remember what your attitudes were about sex when you were pubescent? If one were to complete all the attitude samplings and essay-form self-analyses in the detail requested by the author, it's very likely that your partner would have found another while you were still scribbling in the margins of this penultimately boring crossword-puzzle of a book. Every attitude, posture, malfunction, and muscle twitch that might conceivably be included in the act of sex is minutely analyzed here. Included are the physiological details that people who have trouble with sex have generally missed somewhere along the line. But the format is, literally, full of holes, making this virtually impossible to read.

Pub Date: Oct. 15th, 1976
Publisher: Dial