NANETTE by Patricia Veryan


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Like Veryan's other peppy little Regency adventures, this one sports a dash of mystery, a trill of romance, and lots of hard riding and pistol fire. Sir Harry Redmond, a ""Corinthian and notable whip,"" sets out on a calamitous quest to discover the truth about his beloved father's death and the loss of the family fortune--a mystery involving a lady who accused Redmond pere of murder, a missing witness, and a fatal card game. This trek across the countryside results in lots of wounds for poor Sir Harry--and binding them up most of the time is young Nanette, who is fleeing from a horrid stepfather and a horrid marriage prospect. Also along for the ride: eccentric Diccon, with his intelligent donkey and magic violin. Eventually, the sleuthing leads to a villain: the cruel and deadly Monsieur Sanguinet, who ""dresses in jet"" and may also have killed Harry's bouncy brother Mitchell. But then Mitchell turns up; there are all sorts of scrapes; and Harry, put off initially by Nanette's disguise (a lolling jaw and crossed eyes), fails deeply in love. Ambushes, shoot-outs, a near-hanging for Harry, a near-fatal beating for Mitchell, and much banter ensue--before Diccon (who's really something else again) explains all in Newgate prison. More spurs and saddles than the sherry table, but it's fairly jolly entertainment overall--with three attractive young heroes and furious action.

Pub Date: Jan. 1st, 1980
Publisher: Walker