SOME BRIEF FOLLY by Patricia Veryan


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From the author of Nanette and Mistress of Willovale: another bundle of good-humored, sentimental, heavy-on-coincidence Regency romance. As usual, the hero here seems to be a villain; he's wealthy Garret Hawkhurst of the Dominer estate near Bath, and he's notorious for having abused his wife (who died, drowning along with little son Avery, in an escape attempt) and for having thrown acid in an old friend's face! Unsurprising, then, that handsome Euphemia (""Mia"") Buchanan--not quite the Toast of London but known as ""The Unattainable""--is horrified when she and unhappily married brother Simon are rescued after a landslide by. . . none other than evil Hawkhurst himself. (On the other hand, Mia is attracted to Hawkhurst's kind eyes, and she's thrilled by his pluck in saving the life of her page-boy Kent, a young mute child of unknown antecedents.) But, Hawkhurst's reputation notwithstanding, Mia and Simon and feverish Kent need to recuperate--so they stay for a while at Dominer and meet the residents: Hawk's two aunts (one delightfully nutty, one waspish); Hawk's sweet sister Stephanie (whom Mia and Simon will liberate in different ways); nephew Colley, a good-hearted dandy; and a calamitous visiting hound named Samson. Secrets are eventually revealed, of course--including Hawk's goodness and the true identity of wee Kent (remember Hawk's little son who supposedly drowned?); and, with mystery and easy chatter and two gallumphing chases (one featuring Samson), this is a Regency cut or two above the hogwaddle norm.

Pub Date: Aug. 14th, 1981
Publisher: St. Martin's