FASTER! FASTER! by Patrick Bair


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Fantasy of the future this postulates the running of a train on which the workers in the rear cars are constantly compelled to increase its speed by orders of the Line. When Chapel, whose position has enabled him to ride first class is demoted, he comes to learn the workers' grievances and terrors when he is assigned to the shoe cleaning and shining section. He learns of the revolt brewing, of the duplicity of those who ride the front cars, he is in danger because of the belief that he is a spy. As the train goes faster and faster, the third class takes its chance, uncouples their coaches and sees the front part crash. The new society soon breaks into warring factions; one leader is disposed of and another soon builds himself up to the glory pitch of absolute power. Chapel is tossed aside because of his sickness and left with the woman who had befriended him when the coaches were repaired and the group starts off towards an unknown destination. Civilized progress translated into exaggerated symbolism puts this in the category of modern fable which is not, however, as successful as the Orwell parables.

Pub Date: Aug. 21st, 1950
Publisher: Viking