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THE ANGLER'S ENGLAND by Patrick Chalmers



Publisher: Lippincott

Here is the England the angler knows and loves. The streams, the pools, the fish she boasts -- and, for the angler, it is the very best England of all. So, too, it will be the England for anglers in this country -- to introduce them to that lovely land or to remind them of happy visits. Patrick Chalmers, dean of writers on England, has done his usual grand job on this volume. His pen, once he embarks on the subject of England assumes all the allure of a Royal coachman or a Gordon quill, becoming a deadly fly cast for every follower of Walton. Remember this is one of a set on the English scene through the eyes of specialists -- gardener, shooting man, cleric, etc., so be sure you keep lists of purchasers who'll want to buy them, volume by volume, as published. You can build up a nice little advance order business in that way.