SHHH! by Patrick Couratin


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For some unknown reason, Gladys, an apple rotten to the core wanted to communicate with Jules and Francis, shoes, born of a Javanese father and a Hungarian mother"". . . and so on, with a cow, a rhinoceros and a rich man, Mr. Milhous (!) all perhaps saying something about garbled communication, or truth, or the media or even communication as a form of devouring since Mr. Milhous finally manages to ""communicate"" with Gladys, ""daughter of an apple, future apple core."" This is accompanied, for some unknown reason, by bilious, bastardly surrealistic paintings depicting animals with human hands projecting from their necks and/or asses. There's even a moral -- ""Don't believe everything you read. Or see. Or hear."" But Gladys communicates to us about pretension, daughter of ego trip, future crashing bore.

Pub Date: March 3rd, 1975
Publisher: Harlin Quist -- dist. by Dial/Delacorte