SUNS, MYTHS & MEN by Patrick Moore


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In a brief epilogue, Moore divides the study of the universe into Ages of Myth, Arrogance, Humility, and, at present, Travel. The book a major rewriting of a text first published in 1954, reviews the past of astronomy when it was myth and astrology, the scientific interlude to the present, and ends with speculations about the future. It is typically Moore -- lucid and enthusiastic -- with even fewer technical demands on the reader than others he has written. While the main facts about the solar system are familiar and Moore's predictions about finding intelligent life elsewhere adhere pretty much to the party line, some of the historical particulars are fresh. For example, Nicias, the Athenian general, delayed evacuating troops from Sicily because of an eclipse; the Spartans attacked, the Athenian forces were devastated, and the defeat marked a turning point in the Peloponnesian War. Uncommonly interesting.

Pub Date: Feb. 21st, 1969
Publisher: Norton