THE LOST HARPOONER by Patrick O'Connor
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Lost at sea was the verdict of Mystic, Conn., in 1845, after George Curry, a harpooner went down entangled in the lines attached to a sounding whale. Were the townspeople right? When Captain Calder brought back scrimshaw work from a South Sea Island, with George Curry's signature, Peter Curry, 16, George's son, signed on board the John P. Elliott to seek his father. Rugged adventures in whaling follow through chapter after chapter until Peter finds his father at last, half mad from the solitary life he had lived on an island considered sacred by South Sea island natives. Here is introduction to the vanished gore and glory of the whaling industry rigged with a memorable blend of characterization and action.

Pub Date: Oct. 1st, 1957
Publisher: Ives, Washburn