An Ideal Platform To Present The Divine Message by Patrick Samuel Beyeye Isinga

An Ideal Platform To Present The Divine Message

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A Christian video game enthusiast argues that comic strips, animated films and video games should be used to spread the Gospel.
Isinga opens by explaining three important terms: “Comic Strip,” “Animated Films” and “Video Game.” Any reader who can’t recall what the initials mean will be confused, since Isinga uses them often. “The CS, AF and VG are intimately linked,” he writes, noting that a work produced in one format often is produced in one or two others as well. As examples, he points to the Mickey Mouse, Lion King and Tarzan comics, animated films and video games from Walt Disney, a company he calls a “subject matter expert since most of its successful products follow this circuit.” He refers to this CS-AF-VG team of products as “TriCom, or Trio of Communication.” If readers look past the alphabet soup of initials, Isinga simply believes that these visual media have great potential as tools for evangelism. Isinga includes artwork from many comics, animated films and video games, and curiously, he includes images from what he criticizes as the “pornographic” animated film “Boobalicious.” These images won’t sit well with some. Isinga’s heart is in the right place, but unfortunately, his grammar skills are not: Acknowledging that some video games are violent and considered dangerous, he writes, “As for me I think we should not attack the VG in general, but that they need to be studied case by case like we do with movies, that we cannot throw everything in the waste basket.” He is at his most persuasive when noting that angels and demons are featured in comics, animated films and video games “but not from a biblical standpoint, and one wonders when the lovers of the Gospel will sufficiently speak in this field.” It would be helpful if Isinga included his thoughts about how Christian artists can be encouraged to produce such work.
Awkwardly written, but a worthy topic.
Pub Date: Oct. 24th, 2013
ISBN: 978-1492749936
Page count: 88pp
Publisher: CreateSpace
Program: Kirkus Indie
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