THE EXPERIMENT by Patrick Skene Catling


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Candy is America's Sweetheart by comparison to this one, certainly the most sensational (in every sense of the word) book of the year. The Experiment starts when a small Ohio college institutes an Institute for Sexual Research. Objective? ""equal orgasms for all"" and conservative Professor Louis Porter is sent out to round up thirty prostitutes. After a drunken twenty-four hours, he ends up with two male fags who love the whole idea and help him recruit the rest of the crew, twenty-two female eight male (?!?) Well that's just for starters and before the experiment is over just about every position has been assumed. There's even an attractive ever-accommodating hermaphrodite robot brought in to play. Rarely has Human Sexual Response been so thoroughly investigated and so cheekily ribbed. Then there's Camilla, a student working with the group and her dilemma of being the Last Virgin in the Midwest and characters like old pro Marcia Daventry who doesn't need a stimulant. An all-too-human comedy that needs a QQQ escort. As the band of stalwart guinea pigs are told ""Where you are about to lead, Mr. and Mrs. America will follow."" Stars and strips forever.

Pub Date: Nov. 1st, 1967
Publisher: Simon & Schuster