FREDDY HILL by Patrick Skene Catling


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To earn the gratitude of most women was easy enough--Freddy had merely to be himself. They were thrilled to undress him, to fondle him, to lavish kisses all over his adorable face and body, to prostrate themselves beneath the splendor of his condescending weight, to open themselves to his awesomely lordly penetration and magically inexhaustible squirting infusion. 'How do you do it? . . . 'I don't know,' Freddy would candidly reply. 'It's just a knack.'"" This is a sniggering take-off on Fanny Hill who would well blush. With Freddy groomed as ""Mr. America"" in an all-out drive to bring back the codpiece with center fold-outs in Playgirl and features in Men's Wear Daily. Not to mention popping out of a gigantic Baked Alaska. And the inevitable, if happy, descent into a male bordello. The Women's Liberation Front might find some anchors in the lampoon but the point is rammed home too often.

Pub Date: May 1st, 1970
Publisher: Simon & Schuster