BEST SUMMER JOB by Patrick Skene Catling


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Sexual stimulation and the promise of gratification. That's what our readers want."" It's hard to say just who those readers are now that the dirty book has had its climacteric but this is the premise of Catling's ongoing cornoporno (remember The Experiment or Freddy Hill or other jocose items?). This time a Columbia graduate student during his summer job is commissioned to do a series of articles for a newspaper which take him to Le Sex Shoppe called King Kong Novelties, and to a sexoteque called Jollies and to a singles bar called The Intra-Uterine Memory but he is really initiated by a pretty flake called Angela with whom he'll eventually appear on a pilot blue film Peeporama. It seems she's the daughter of King Kong Novelties owner-producer who is just checking up on their sack suitability. Stephen's a nice, clean boy which helps a little -- but let's face it, simulated sex and forcefed humor can easily take the fun out of either.

Pub Date: June 1st, 1974
Publisher: Simon & Schuster