TOURIST ATTRACTION by Patrick Skene Catling


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Report repeated from page 945 when scheduled for fall publication as follows: ""A sophisticated trifle sheers between impudence and malice, annotates Anglo-American life, and follows Marjorie Stanmore, widowed at 32, on her maiden voyage to England. (The double entendre is intended- Marjorie's older husband had been impotent.) There Marjorie, who hasn't lived at all, meets Michael who has lived widely-off women. He has a P.R. job and is opening up the stately homes of England to American viewers, capped by a garden party at Buckingham Palace. Amity-perhaps more- is quickly achieved when Michael secures an admissions ticket for Marjorie but there is anything but a gala finale to the whole affair.... An incidental entertainment which kicks up its heels, steps on a few toes, and leaves almost no traces.

Pub Date: Jan. 20th, 1963
Publisher: Macmillan