FATHER THEOBALD MATTHEW by Patrick The Rev. Rogers


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In view of the present renewed campaign on the part of the WCTU, this book should find a wider market than it might ordinarily. The story of an Irish Roman Catholic priest who was a crusader for total abstinence should make interesting reading, and so it does. Father Mathew was a Franciscan and a Capuchin, but more important, he was a Christian who could not sit complacently by while evil forces were pulling down his people. Ireland in the mid-nineteenth century was visited by a great famine, but before and after the famine the Irish were cursed with drunkenness. The realization of what intemperance was doing for his people set him out on a temperance crusade in which he joined forces with Protestant leaders on both sides of the Atlantic. Father Matthew, of course, did not make total abstainers of all Irish Catholics, but any one reading this book must feel that the Irish today are more temperate in their use of alcohol and that the life and work of Father Matthew has had something to do with this change of attitude and habits.

Publisher: Longmans Green