JUMPING JACK by Patsey Gray


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This author has been prolific in the equestrian field, and demonstrates here a well-balanced attitude toward horses. Without endowing the animals with any special abilities or uncalled-for attributes, she displays an understanding of the sympathetic bond between rider and horse and a respect for the skills of horsemanship. This story deals with 13 year old Jill who had earned a place at Miss Van's riding club by assisting at the stables. When Miss Van left for a two month rest Jill ran into difficulties with the temporary director, the attractive but tremendously vain Captain Clark. Jill found that in order to show off his own skills, Captain Clark was perfectly capable of undermining her and her horse Jumping Jack. Although the Captain seems a little too villainous, his presence does bring out the problem of a responsible child confronted with an irresponsible adult. Details about Jill's family lend further realism to the story--they are hardworking but definitely not in the economic range for Jill to be a regular club member; while not interested in horses themselves they are willing to go along with Jill in her big interest. The book should have strong reader identification for young horse-loving girls.

Pub Date: March 1st, 1965
Publisher: Norton