LOCO, THE BRONC by Patsey Gray
Kirkus Star


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Of all the brones in the rodeo, Loco drew the wildest applause for the crazed fury of his attempt to disengage his rider. Yet it was the concern of a gentle, sensitive little girl, horrified by the tales of the great stallion's capture and imprisonment, that earned him his ultimate freedom. Nothing could rouse Loco from what seemed his deathbed until Lynn recognized a similarity between her own ailment and the bronc's; homesickness can be a powerful crippler. By administering the most tender day-by-day care, Lynn helps the animal overcome anger and mistrust and wins his loyalty. Loco's owner, who sees in this unique transformation a chance for a sensational one-time rodeo act, agrees to relinquish Loco to Lynn if she will appear mounted on the ""insane"" animal on rodeo day. Momentary fears do not destroy Lynn's basic faith which is fulfilled gallantly by her pet in a warm happy ending. A most sympathetic, well written and at times, suspenseful, animal story.

Pub Date: April 24th, 1961
Publisher: Coward-McCann