THE HORSE TRAP by Patsey Gray


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Catering popularly to the tastes of horse lovers, Patsey Gray comes up with another story for enthusiastic readers. This concerns the problems of young Debbie Bell whose parents have gone off to Hawaii leaving her (with the aid of relatives and friends) in charge of the boarding horses at their ranch. Debbie's favorite mare Missy is about to foal, and in order to relieve an injured hock, Debbie leads the animal to a pool in a nearby canyon, only to realize too late that this area was the very horse trap her father had mentioned earlier. Unable to find a way out for Missy, Debbie soon overcomes panic and sets out to free the trapped animal. The effort takes time, energy and an ingenious master plan. With the help of neighbors and friends, Debbie begins to dig, working feverishly against foaling time and the scheduled visit of Missy's owner. Suspense builds as Debbie reaches her goal though not before Missy bears her young, and satisfaction results as Debbie is awarded the new born colt for her efforts. Sam Savitt (a long time member of the equestrian fraternity) adds his dramatic sketches to visualize a good, rousing horse tale.

Pub Date: Oct. 30th, 1962
Publisher: Coward-McCann